Canva Instagram Stories Q&A Templates

Canva Instagram Stories Q&A Templates


Ever thought, I better post something to Instagram Stories but feel like you have nothing to post? I have been there, that Is why I created these easy to download, easy to add text too and easy to upload Instagram Q&A Templates.

Just post them into Instagram stories and you can add text to your answers right within Instagram. You can also use Canva to add text before you upload your graphics to Instagram.

Your followers will love the quick little Questions and Answers and get a quick insight into your world.

Curiosity increases engagement, and showing your followers that there is a REAL person behind the brand is endearing and can lead to more clicks, more likes and more sales!

Your download contains a handy PDF guide with a link to the Template.

Each graphic is 1080x1920px which is the perfect size for Instagram stories.

Please don't hesitate to contact Lil at with any questions.

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