Canva Instagram Highlight Icons Templates

Canva Instagram Highlight Icons Templates


Instagram Story Highlight Icons

Save time and money by purchasing a ready-made Instagram Story Highlights Icons set. 

Set of 30 Instagram story graphics to use as a cover image for your story highlights. 

Blogging icons
- Camera (for pictures, social media, etc)
- Computer (for work, blogging, new post, etc)
- Youtube icon (for vlogging)
- Laptop (for work, blogging, new post,etc)

Beauty icon
- Lipstick (for beauty, makeup, etc)

Style icons
- Mannequin (for fashion, style, etc)
- Clothes hanger (for fashion, shopping, style, clothes, etc)

Babies icons 
- Pregnancy
- Baby Onsie 

Shopping icons
- Shop front
- Shopping cart

- Coffee cup (for breakfasts, coffee, etc)
- Tea Cup

Travel icons
- Airplane (for travel, etc)
- Palm Trees
- Eiffel Tower 

Family and marriage
- House(for marriage, family, lifestyle, etc)
- Heart (for loves, etc)

Events and parties
-Polaroid Camera
- Balloons

And also
- Book (for planner, recently read books, etc)
- Microphone (podcasts) 

All you need is a free or paid Canva account!

1. Your download is a PDF that has a link to the Instagram Highlight Icons
2. Make sure you click on File on the upper left hand side and make a copy
3. Once you have your copy you can edit your icons and background colours to make your own.
4. Save your icons as a png. and then upload them to your stories for 24 hours so you can use them as your highlight covers.


Contact Lil if you're looking for custom colours or different images!

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