Your Website Game Plan


When I tried my hand at designing my first website (a website that no longer exists) I had absolutely no clue how a Home Page should be laid out or where calls to action should be placed on each page for increased engagement from your reader.  

Fast forward a few years and I may not be an expert by any means but I do know my way around a website and I know how a perfectly placed call to action button or a well written About Page can really elevate your site and take your readers from browsers to buyers.



 that is why I created the Website Game Plan.

 A FREE resource to help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who are just starting out and who are still getting their heads around website layout how to plan out their site, page by page.


The Game plan contains step by step points on how to strategically plan out your site and is separated into individual plans for:

  • Online Stores

  • Blogs

  • Storefronts

  • Service based Businesses

  • Digital Product Based Businesses.


Now there is no need for overwhelm,  no need to stress about what you are going to put on your homepage or where your calls to action for your readers to join your list should be placed.


So what are you waiting for?


Download the Website Game Plan today!


Click Below to grab your copy and starting planning your site and reaching your goals!


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